why am I girl,,,,,,,,

Hello everyone today someone aske me why am i girl.i shocked when i saw seven year old girl behind me.then i aske them what is your name? reply me Nandani.after that i was thinking about this question “why am i girl”
I asked nandani “why am i girl” this type of question why ask me??
Nandani reply me becoz my teacher………………………………………….
I cant explain her feelings.can you think about only seven year old girl ask this type of question.NO
I am a girl but i have no answer for this question.
Have you ans ????????
Why am i girl????????
What is my fault ???



I love my creative writing. ...

4 thoughts on “why am I girl,,,,,,,,

  1. I am girl because I am proud to be what I am. Without a girl the surroundings are incomplete!! I give a name to father, mother, sister, daughter, wife. And at the same time I am the back bone of the family. No offence to males. Just a balance among two. Absence of one will make other handicapped. Yet a I am proud to be girl. If i am not there the house is quite. When I am there house is chirping like birds!!
    I am the angel of the house without which the house is incomplete.


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