No body….

Hello friend’s
Firstly I want to say that heartely thanks to all my friend for appreciating me & my blogs.

Today’s I realize what is the relation bound…
I dont know how much people supported me or not.
But it’s my thought & i want to shear with you my experience about realation.friends every person have many types of relation just like….
Sister,brother, mother ,father & most important friend.
But some time we are alone why?????????
When we have many relationships then why we feeling alone why???????
Becoz no body healp body care you.becoz everybody busy on self have time for you.then why we call this is my best friend???
When he have no time for you no importance for you. then why??????
This type of situation hearted you.
So friend’s it is my experiences.
Becoz …………………..



I love my creative writing. ...

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